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The origin of


Student association IQRA (SV IQRA) was founded in 1996 as a fun and social studentorganisation inspired by the basic principles of the Islamic tradition. The association became a place to meet for students from all kinds of studies and backgrounds who not only wanted fun, but also wanted to develop themselves. These principles, in combination with traditions built up over the past 25 years, still form the current character of IQRA.​

Our mission

The Supervisory Board

The Board is charged with supervising management and supervising the general course of affairs within the meetings to protect the long-term goals, interests and identity of the association.



The events committee organizes the activities of SV IQRA . When you start working as a committee member for events, you are involved in organizing a wide range of different activities. The kind of events the committee organises is very diverse, from barbecues to movie nights and many other types of meetups and activities. In addition, you help organize courses, educational events and lectures on relevant current and Islamic topics. 

Het Bestuur

Studiejaar 2023-2024


Ibourk el Idrissi

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Voorzitter | Team Bestuur



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PR & Marketing  | Team Marketing


Touimi Benjelloun

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Events | Team Activiteiten



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Vicevoorzitter | Team Bestuur

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